Outside of our other commitments to the school, the DPE PAC has been fundraising for a new primary playground for a few years. It is tired, not accessible, and unsafe. A 2017 report from the school district noted the components in only fair to average shape. Since that report, the playground has become even more unsafe with pieces of it actually breaking off and being removed by the school district. The kindergarten children are not even allowed on all pieces of playground equipment – their own primary playground.

At the October 2017 PAC meeting, the PAC community unanimously voted to have an end date of June 2019 for fundraising for the playground project. What funds are raised up until that point will be what we have to spend on a new primary playground. All existing pieces will go, except the swings. Pea gravel will be replaced with wood chips. We have been working with vendors for current quotes, and the school board for logistic information in ordering/installing a playground in the summer of 2019. The 2018/2019 budget reflects our proposal for current savings earmarked for this project. We are excited to ramp up fundraising this year, buy the best playground we can afford for the kids, and then move on to other large project needs at the school in 2019/2020.

How can you help see this project come to fruition
in the summer of 2019?

  1. Please come out to the October 24th PAC meeting where we will be voting on budget. You can view it online at dpepac.com/newsevents
  2. Volunteer at one of this year’s planned fundraisers. Sign up is online at dpepac.com/volunteer until November 10th. At this time we are looking for planning committees for the spring fun fair, and day-of helpers for the Reindeer Lane shopping event in December. Day-of volunteer opportunities for fun fair & other 2019 events will happen at a later date, but without enough helping hands signed up by the November 10thdeadline, we are unable to plan these two large fundraising events.
  3. Look for grants.Many corporations offer their employees grants toward projects such as playground builds. We are happy to supply a request letter. The PAC is applying for many community grants, too.
  4. Bring your ideas forward.Not just for the playground, but for any school fundraising now, or in the future. We want to hear your ideas. 

Our team has met with several vendors over the past few months and have narrowed it down to two school district approved vendors who we will feel are the best fit for this project. They were asked to review and measure our space, then provide 3 quotes.

*Please note these renderings are examples only, and our final choices will be accessible and similar, but not exactly as shown. Accessories such as spinner may be replaced with a number of other items. These are examples only. Once a final budget is determined, choices will be presented for voting.*

The PAC executive would like to work toward the goal of $75,000 – $85,000 spent on the primary playground.

Presently we have $53,657 savings for a playground. The images will give you an indication of what we are looking at to replace the playground. Last year we raised $12,532 total. We need your help to ensure the fundraising events take place.